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re Carvin

I've had a couple of students that have ordered Carvin guitars and I must
concur that they are very well-made, with extremely low-action, and nice
fretwork. The only nit I could see was in one with a sunburst finish--it 
a little too blatantly red, then yellow for me.

I bought one of their tweed style amps (the Nomad 50) a couple of years 
after trying and rejecting all the available models like Fender, Peavy, and
Crate. I was fully prepared to send it back, indeed I was a little
pessimistic about the chances of liking both the clean and overdriven 
and I was quite pleasantly surprised to find I loved it! Really good loud
clean sound w/ no high-end sizzle (breakup) and very nice transparent
overdrive. I'm seeing more of these amps around, so I guess word is getting
out. Now if they would only include a footswitch to bypass the effects 
for those times you just want straight guitar sound w/ no effects buzz.