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Re: Loops For ACID 3.0 - THANX !

Hey there Mark,

Mark wrote:
> Also, I finally got to really LISTEN to tracks from the mp3.com loopers
> station.  Some REALLY sweet stuff guys.  I'm about to order the Andre
> LaFosse CD!  

Very cool - thanks for the interest.  I do want to mention that the
track on the looper's station is a non-album remix, which is NOT on the
actual CD.  If you haven't already, you might want to peruse the actual
album sounds, just to be sure of what you'd be getting.  

You may already have done so, of course -- just wanted to double check. 
Don't want you to end up ordering something you're unlikely to be happy 

Either way, though, I definitely appreciate the interest!


--Andre LaFosse