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Re: [Samplestation] Second question (i know im full of em)

Title: Re: [Samplestation] Second question (i know im full of
At 1:12 PM -0500 8/11/01, Dj Devious D wrote:

I want to dump my TRITON Trinity Pro Sounds to my PC...(I do not like the sounds that are generated in General MIDI by my PC's sound card). Is there a Soundbank CD I can get that I can let, a app like REASON read ?

Maybe something like WaveIt may have what you need. It has 300  different synthesizer SoundFonts.


I haven't found any CDs specific to the Korg Triton. Most of the synth SoundFonts and straight WAV file collections seem to be a mixed bag of different instruments. If you're really into the Triton and other Korg instruments, you might check out the Oasys PCI card. They can be found in the $500-600 range. That a lot more than the price of a CD, but it would probably be a big improvement over your present sound card.





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