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Re: [Samplestation] Second question (i know im full of em)

LovePants Wrote :

I forgot to ask as well, i want to record or use the sounds on the triton and be able to put them into a sequencer program how do i do this and do i need a midi sequencer program for this?

I Responded :

I have the same problem, but a little different. I know, that MIDI only controls seqeunceing info and such, and "physical" sounds stay on the source (i.e. the Triton's internal Soundbank), I was wondering if you can dump those sounds to say, a PC, to be used in a sequenceing app like SONAR or Cakewalk or CUBASE VST 5.0 ?

To My LOOPERS I Need Your Assistance on this one.

I want to dump my TRITON Trinity Pro Sounds to my PC (actually it's my Dj Buddy's Triton now, but I want to do some songs using the Triton sounds, so that I can have a reference, before I reup the MIDI to the Keyboard's Sequencer). I was going to use SONAR as the sequencing program, but I need the Triton Sounds on my PC so that I can hear what they sound like in a song. (I do not like the sounds that are generated in General MIDI by my PC's sound card). Is there a Soundbank CD I can get that I can let, a app like REASON read ? I am new to this MIDI set up, so I need some assistance (in the past, I would just throw the sample sounds in FruityLoops, and call it a day, but that creates a .WAV or .MP3 file, and I get errors trying to create .MID files.).



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