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RE: What's Up with Carvin?

Have one of their older, early 80's models of double necked guitars (12
string on top, 6 string with a Kahler whammy bar on the bottom) and have to
say that it's a favourite axe, about the only changes I've done to it, is 
slowly cycle out the stock pickups and replace them with Seymour Duncans 
to add a GK-2a to the 6-string side of things.
If I had a complaint, it would be that it seems that Carvin no longer
produces a double neck instrument, but again, this could just be cursory
browsing/blindness on my part.

Have to agree with the last post about their PA gear being very road worthy
and sounding incredible.  Their older 2x10's had incredible range, whether
it be for guitar, bass, flute, Chapman Stick or Box Guitar.  Can't remember
who's speakers they're actually using, want to say the PA boards are
Mackey's with different fader pots (or used to be).

Back to the tapping of the Box Guitar.