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Re: What's Up with Carvin?

I purchased a Carvin TL60T (tele-style) a couple of years back after much
I have to say that Carvin certainly lives up to the hype of ridiculous
quality for low prices.  I had mine done with Koa body, through neck, and
matching headstock in an oil finish.  I also got the ebony fingerboard with
no dot markers, two humbuckers with coil splitters and phase switch,
Wilkinson vibrato (all hardware black), Sperzel tuners, straplocks, and a
real tweed case for a little under $900!!!  This guitar plays so smooth and
fast it is unbelievable and the pickups do not break up when you are using
Do yourself a favor and at least check out the catalog.
If I could do it over I would probably try most of the above but on an Allan
Holdsworth model...the body style is too cool!!   -Todd