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burning man loop jam, baybeee

Hi Loopfreaks!

   I know a mess of us are going to be at Burning A-hole (the affectionate 
name my non-attending friend gives to the event), so . . . what's going 
on? Are we planning on getting together like last year?  I didn't know 
there were other loopers there 'til I got there 
and caught some performances at the cafe . . . guess I 
should have figured (west coast centered, experimental 
art, technology obsessed = loopers!)  

   Anywho, I'm going in on the Green Tortoise bus after flying in from 
NYC, so I should be there Wednesday morning, camping with them or with the 
Asylum camp (4:30 & Child).  I'll have my line6, digitech echo+,  some 
swirly stuff, some grungy stuff and some quacking stuff, casio sk-200, 
guitar, and maybe a cheap mic as well as a battery powered thingy 
(probably just a karioke machine, unless I want to bother with hauling my 
crate limo all over the desert again) Let's get together and make some 
repetitious nonlinearity (or non-linear repetition, your choice)  A list 
of who's camping where may be in order, as well as an appropriate place to 
get together (gigsville, somebody's stage, the cafe at 3am?)  

Hope nobody minds if we keep this on the list . . . otherwise, email me!

Smell you there . . .