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Re: Request for new Echoplex feature

For this I will be ETERNALLY grateful... thanks Kim!


>>> kflint@loopers-delight.com 08/08/01 12:51AM >>>
At 3:56 PM -0700 8/7/01, Miko Biffle wrote:

>This is doable, but fraught with many possible pitfalls, all of which I've
>fallen into using midi with the EDP. So was it economy which caused this
>system? One cc value for parameter and 7 more to get to all other

no, we're just sadistic. we were irritated by nerds who thought they needed
to program their music instead of just getting in there and jamming. So we
devised a midi scheme that would put  geeks like Chris and Miko through
fits to get it to work, and in the end they would have something that
worked exactly like the footpedal with it's seven resistors and switches
that all the normal people use. we've been laughing at you for years!

now that the joke is a little old, we're finally doing it both ways. there
will be the current scheme, where you use midi to duplicate the button
presses on the front panel. and there will be a midi command for
everything. plus more.


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