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Re: Request for new Echoplex feature

At 1:33 PM -0700 8/7/01, Chris Muir wrote:
>At 1:09 PM -0500 8/7/01, Dennis Leas wrote:
>>  > One thing I would like is to have both Insert and Reverse be
>>available via
>>>  MIDI without going to the front panel. It is a pain to switch back and
>>>  forth (Insert or Reverse) via front panel in the middle of a loop[.
>>Since all the front panel switches are "MIDI addressable", can't you 
>>both Insert and Reverse via MIDI?
>This is one of my long-time gripes with the EDP. What you can do over
>MIDI is to virtually press buttons in the EDP UI. You can't directly
>address the underlying functionality. I've directed enough whining
>about this to Kim and Eric Obermuhlner (sp?) in the early days of the
>EDP to fill a swimming pool.
>I'm pretty sure that Kim told me to shut up my whining and relax;
>that it would be fixed in the next major release. Of course, Kim was
>much nicer about it than that, and yet, more sarcastic at the same
>time (a quality that I aspire to).

"shut up your whining and relax"

thanks to Chris' incessant complaining, you will get all the midi you could
want and then some.


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