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RE: Request for new Echoplex feature

The short answer is "no"--
You have to go to parameters, then change the value for insert to
Needs a sequence of events to do with MIDI, which makes it tough to do with
a footpedal--
However, I recall hearing Mattias or Kim posting that this was one of the
upgrade features.

I love my EDP!  Wish I had more time to play with it--business other than
music beckons--

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Subject: Re: Request for new Echoplex feature

> One thing I would like is to have both Insert and Reverse be available 
> MIDI without going to the front panel. It is a pain to switch back and
> forth (Insert or Reverse) via front panel in the middle of a loop[.

Since all the front panel switches are "MIDI addressable", can't you access
both Insert and Reverse via MIDI?

Dennis Leas