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gig spam: armatronix w/ dj diji-d @ slo brew thursday 8-9-2001

hello loopers-

i am pleased to announce that armatronix will be playing this thursday,
august 9th 2001 at slo brewing company in downtown san luis obispo,
california.  this will be our slotown debut, and we intend to make it
extra-special for all of you.

the armatron soundcomputer has been wired to test the limits of slo
brew's new "state-of-the-art" sound system with a mixture of smooth
analog and gritty digital signals (and vice-versa), producing only the
freshest beats for your listening enjoyment and dancing pleasure.

armatronix' own dj diji-d will open the show with a special set
beginning at 9:30 pm.

a fabulous prize will be awarded to the best breakdancer.

this show is limited to those eighteen years and older (with id).
admission is a measly three dollars.

what fans all the way from goleta to san jose are saying about

"wow, that was cool!"
"kong kong kong"
"what are all those knobs for?"
"is that a heart monitor or something?"
"i don't really like electronic music"

remember:  prolonged exposure (i.e. >15 min) to high sound pressure
levels can permanently damage your hearing.  it did mine.  please do
yourself a favor - wear ear filters to this and all concerts.