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Echoplex Tricks

1) Set up a wash type loop (all fade-ins) then overdub a
rhythmic part by hitting Multiply and ending with Record.

2) Set up a loop. Then take a section of it and repeat it. Then go 
back to the original. 
MoreLoops = 2

Set up loop
NextLoop (EDP waits for confirm)
wait till the start of the bit for repetition
Multiply (confirms NextLoop)
wait for the duration of the portion you wish to repeat(now playing)
Record(starts repeating)
NextLoop( EDP waits for confirm)
Undo(go back to main loop, you'll hear one more repeat)

if the last Undo is at the end of the repeated loop then 
you get an even effect, otherwise the next to last repeat 
will be cut short.

...back to the EDP

andy butler