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Another EDP BUG(x2)

Hit Insert>Record>Undo
Results in unpredictable replay of
a particular memory segment.
This is potentially a way to "get back"
a loop after a long press of Record.

This was dicovered while trying some of Andre's tricks.
tried to Insert a section ending in Record, realised 
it hadn't worked (wrong InsertMode) and hit Undo to try
again. Was treated to a revisit to a loop from way back.

...and recently
I've been switching between loops, 
and when one loop is in Overdub mode
and the loop your switching to isn't
you get a tiny overdub on to the 
loop even though it's not in Overdub.
I guess the Overdub function just doesn't turn
off fast enough.
(bet that's a hard one to fix!)

andy butler