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Re: Echoplex Loop Start

Steve Sandberg wrote:
> Thanks for the tutorial on the loopstart, Kim -- like all your current
> thoughts on the echoplex, it's really informative and inspiring.
> Usually when I want to redefine the loopstart point during a
> performance, I use the multiply/record press to do it.
> The advantage is, I don't have to use my hands to get into the
> parameters page -- I can do it straight from the pedal.
> For those of you unfamiliar with this, all you need do is press
> multiply to redefine the start point and record to end the new loop --
> that will create a new loop out of current material with the start
> point defined by your press of 'multiply'.
> Cheers!

the begginner must be careful though because Multiply-Record chops the
loop (if early) or adds a small chunk of "next" loop (we passed loop
No undo 
in this operation we remember sometimes that we need to practice the
EDP, as an instrument.