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Re: Echoplex: Fun with the PMC-10

Gary Lehmann wrote:
> Hi all--
> Kim has encouraged me to share my remedial knowledge of the Echoplex with
> the list, so here is an item I have had some success with--
> It uses the PMC-10, a MIDI controller, so it's not for everyone--
> I have configured one of the switches to double multiply on string A and
> double record on string B, so that it acts as a loop length set button 
> the quantize on--that way, you can create a loop, do lots of odd things 
> it, and then create a new loop of any length using whatever material is 
> in memory by holding the switch down for the length of the new loop.
> Is this the sort of thing anybody else has done?
> I will try to think of something else--'course I don't wanna give any
> secrets away--;^|
> Gary

one of my main edp page/bank on the pmc10 is 
top row Feedback : 0    32      64      96      127
botom row volume : 0    60      80      100

The 100 value is not the max because I want to keep some volume on the
side in case of volume mismatch
the whole range is taken care by my peavey pc1600X wich is EDP friendly
(but not a footcontroler)

the feedback in steps allows me to, while not playin, enter overdub and
at some musical point
hit a lower feedback value and begin playin new material that will take
its place in the loop very easily when the loop is already crowded. Its
a good way to change subject.

The above values are to be adapted on your own system and music

If Sean http://sean_.home.mindspring.com/pmc/index.html once gives us
Cut copy and paste in his pmc10 PC editor (Raymond) we could exchange
patches and banks.........