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Okay, then here is some gear for sale! vx pocket

Thanks for all the feedback on posting gear for sale...

Now for all you laptop folks, last week I put up a vx pocket audio card for
auction on digibid, brand spankin' new after I had fried it with phantom
power.  Fostex who now does the customer support, sent me a brand new one
with warranty card and everything...  So if you wish, bid away!!!  here is
the description and the link...  It's great for max/msp, reason, acid,
anything, really...

The VXpocket Type II PC Card allows you to perform serious audio production
and analysis on your laptop computer. It offers professional audio quality
plus compatibility with the most popular applications under both Windows
95/98/NT and Mac OS. Features: 24-bit converters; two balanced analog mono
inputs at microphone or line level, and two balanced analog outputs; S/PDIF
input and output allowing direct digital transfer; a break-out cable with
XLR connectors for the analog inputs and outputs and RCA phono (CINCH)
connectors for the digital I/O; 16-bit performance with Microsoft WAVE
protocol and MacOS Sound Manager; ASIO driver available for 24-bit 
with compliant applications.


Let me know if you have any questions, but off the list of course...  And
thanks for checkin' it out...  All the best,

Todd Reynolds