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Re: Syncing to Midi Clock (governed by the drummer)

Seems like it would be very easy (for someone other than myself) to mount a
switch to the bass drum beater that gives off a pulse.  I have a good 
friend of
mine building me a device that takes the LED flash of my Roland MC-307 and 
it into a tap tempo for my non-midi synchable Vortex.  I also thought the 
could slave a strobe aimed somewhat near the drummer.  That why they'd 
have a
visual cue of what your tempo was.  There are many times when I'm looping 
to a
sequence and there isn't much of a steady beat going on that I just watch 
blinky lights.


"M. Steven Ginn" wrote:

> What are some of the ways that people here provide a Clock signal to 
> rigs for timing?
> Currently my rig is set up for tap tempo which I use my MPX1 as the 
> with a tap button on the floor.  But I was thinking, what about having a
> trigger or something connected to the drummer (who keeps the tempo 
> rock solid anyway)? This way if tempo changes, the midi time clock is 
> on the time keeper and not my need to adjust with a tap (which is 
> not entirely accurate).  I think this is something that could be 
> for delay effects as well as looping (even though I haven't officially
> gotten into looping yet). Any thoughts or ideas?
> thanks,
> Steve Ginn