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Re: Echoplex manual discussion online: Some audible exmaples

Kim Flint wrote:

> You can do a lot of other interesting stuff by combining Multiply and
> Insert.... Check out the stuff
> Andre LaFosse does on his "Disruption Theory" album. 

Geez, Kim, too kind...!

Here's a short mp3 file that uses precisely the Multiply and Insert
approach Kim talked about in his previous post:


I've posted this link to the list before, but it might make a bit more
sense in the context of the current thread...

This is a totally live Echoplex "solo," which uses Multiply and Insert
all over the place.  One thing that's relevant to this thread is that
you can hear the growth of the loop pretty clearly, starting from a
single cycle of less than a second, which gradually evolves into a much
longer and more complex texture.  

It was basically built off of Multiply, Insert, and Remultiply. 
Quantize was very much on, and Insertmode=Insert.  At about 2/3 of the
way through, the loop gets reversed (using the reverse option in the
parameter row, rather than the Insert button), and at the end of the
solo the infamous "remultiply + undo" maneuver is featured prominently,
as different fragments of the loop are scrolled through with each
successive press of UNDO.

Since I don't always get the chance to combine EDP education and
shameless self-promotion, here are a couple of other Echoplex-heavy
sound files to check out:


This is a personal favorite remix of mine; every texture here other than
the drum machine is a guitar loop, mostly done through an Echoplex.  The
loop that enters about 50 seconds into the track in particular makes
serious use of unquantized Insertmode=replace; the loop repeats three
times and is then reversed at some point during the fourth repetition. 


The semi-ambient sound you hear at the beginning of this track is
another Echoplex loop, also using a lot of unquantized
Insertmode=replace, but with a much less "assualtive" sound that the
previous example.  I don't remember if there was any multiply in this
loop or not, tell you the truth... doesn't sound like it to me.


This is an archive page of some older (circa 1997) guitar looping going
on.  The material there is a bit more primitive in terms of how much it
uses (or doesn't use) the more advanced EDP features, but for those who
aren't offended by the infamous Ambient Guitar Loop Paradigm (tm), there
might be some interesting listening...

OK, lesson/plug now over...  ;}

Andre LaFosse | Disruption Theory | http://www.altruistmusic.com
"Fripp and Zappa, step aside."  (MOJO Magazine, May 2000)

"For electric guitar enthusiasts everywhere, this one's essential."
(Alternative Press Magazine, September 2000)

"A spectacular collision of manifold musical thoughts and patterns... To
call Disruption Theory a futuristic album would be an understatement."
(20th Century Guitar Magazine, February 2001)

"Fucking amazing CD."  (Derek Sivers, president, CD Baby)

"His six-stringer is pumped up with energy, creating a firestorm of
pyrotechnics and burning sounds, but with a sensitivity to weirdness and
experimentation. Disruption Theory reveals the difference it makes when
a player knows what he is doing. Here is one that deserves the title
'unique'." (Expose Magazine, October 2000)