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Notice from BMP

Hi loopers,
  It's been a while since I posted to this site, but here's a bit of 
business I must attend to.


NOTICE from Boomerang Musical Products  23 July 2001

We have worked hard to insure that the Boomerang (R) Phrase Sampler is the 
most reliable
and productive looper
on the market. Despite endless hours of testing and almost constant use by 
many musicians,
we have only now
become aware of a flaw in the software. The problem only affects users of 
the new
Boomerang+ Phrase Sampler or
users who have upgraded older units with the V2 module. Software versions 
1.0, 1.1 and
1.1+ are not affected.
Software versions 2a, 2a1 and 2a2 have the flaw. What follows is a 
description of the
problem and some
recommended procedures to deal with it as you continue to use your Rang.

The Problem

        If the recording of a loop is started and no other buttons are 
pressed the Rang will
eventually reach the
end of available memory and the recording process will stop automatically. 
This condition is
indicated by all
5 green LED's being brightly lit. When this happens you have a choice of 
pressing PLAY to
play the loop or
RECORD to re-record it. This presents no problem if done immediately. But 
if the unit is
allowed to stay in
this state for a period of time, the stored signal data in memory will 
begin to deteriorate. The
amount of
deterioration and the time required for deterioration to begin will vary 
depending on the
characteristics of
the particular memory chips in your unit. It varies from a few seconds to 
several minutes, and
every Rang will
be slightly different. There are many manufacturers of DRAM chips and 
modules and many
different "lots" of
chips as well, so the variations are great. If given sufficient time 
however all DRAM types will
begin to degrade sufficiently to produce pops and clicks in the signal 
during playback. If you
wait long
enough the signal can degrade completely to wide band noise. If the 3 way 
switch and trim
pot are not set
correctly, the noise can be very loud, louder than your loops.

The Work Around

There are several things you can do to avoid any surprises.

1) Be sure to have your signal levels set as high as possible (indicated 
by the occasional
blinking of the
yellow CLIP LED). This is always desirable as it provides the lowest 
background noise, but
it also prevents a
corrupted signal from being much louder than your normal playing levels. 
If the problem being
described does
happen the playback of the corrupt data will sound bad, but not be louder 
than your loops.
Please consult your
users manual if in doubt about how to optimize the recording levels. 
Moderate lighting of the
rarely cause noticeable distortion and will give you the best 
signal-to-noise ratio the Rang can

2) If you see that the recording of a loop has resulted in all 5 green 
LED's being brightly lit,
don't press
the PLAY/STOP or ONCE buttons. Pressing either of these buttons will begin 
the playback
of the loop and the
signal data could be badly distorted. Instead press the RECORD button to 
erase the
previous recording and
clear the error condition. A new recording can be started immediately and 
will work
correctly. As an
alternative you could turn down your amp and cycle the power to the Rang. 
This clears the
fault and erases all
signal data; once re-powered the Rang is ready to go as usual.

We have fixed this flaw in a new software release, V2a3. If you think this 
software bug will
cause you any
problem, you may exchange your V2 module for a new one. Please note there 
are no new
features in the new
software, only bug fixes. To exchange a V2 module, just package it so the 
pins are protected
and mail to BMP,
305 Easton Rd., Dallas, TX 75218. Include a note asking for V2a3 along 
with a complete
return address.


Mike Nelson

Shipping address for repairs & upgrades:
305 Easton Road
Dallas, TX  75218

Boomerang Musical Products       
PO Box 541595 
Dallas, TX  75354-1595 

800-530-4699 * 214-340-6913, Outside USA * 214-343-1038, Fax


"Some products make you sound better;
 the Boomerang Phrase Sampler makes you play better."