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Re: Advertising auction gear(ME TOO-ism)

I, personally, like hearing about gear sales, gigs, etc.  I saw someone get
flamed for selling some of the Electrix gear for a bit more than the blow 
price, but I thought it was unjustified.  I've seen echoplexes and jammans 
for ridiculous prices on this list.  I fwd'd that Electrix sale info to a
friend who was GLAD to have the chance to get the gear, even for a bit more
(still quite a bargain IMO)

Anyway, what I DO HATE is that when people respond to such sales on list: 
Gear for Sale. "How much" Re: Gear for Sale. "500"  Re: Gear for Sale. 
that include shipping?"  etc... you get it.  While I'm on the subject, this
list is really bad with "Me too-ism" and "lol-ism"  I think we'd all 
benefit a
lot if people thought a bit about what they were writing, and consider if 
meaningful to the whole list, or is it just directed to an individual.  
private banter between individuals OFF LIST.  Most lists have this as a 
rule, but Kim prefers a less restrictive list, and I applaud him for it.  
does put the responsibility on the individual...  It's kind of like what
America was supposed to be ;^)

Mark (Cranky before Coffee) Sottilaro

todd reynolds wrote:

> Quick question to all.  Do we consider advertising gear we have on 
> an acceptable contribution to the site?  Just don't want to abuse before 
> throw the link up...
> Thanks,
> Todd