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Re: Echoplex manual discussion online

(Selfish interest mode on...) 

OK... I want to know if you can insert (replace mode) while multiplying? 
The other modes don't seem to apply here because they mess with the time 
structure of the multiply, but I'd love to have the ability to replace 
while doing a multiply. Anyone?


>>> healthquestrecruiter@earthlink.net 08/03/01 02:48PM >>>
Hi all--
I figured I would jump right in on this--
BTW, Kim prefers plain text to HTML--
The MIDI dump is not the most elegant feature of the EDP.  I have not tried
this feature, but because the sample size is huge and MIDI sample dump is
slow, most people don't use it.  I do know from what I have heard that 
a handshake (MIDI In and Out) makes it faster.  I believe most folks just
resample with whatever digital audio recorder they are using (computer,
hardware, whatever).  Was there a specific problem or question?
As far as record (which is, as the manual says, "where it all starts"),
there are a few options here--ending with a different button, setting
RecordMode to sustain, the long press--but mostly, record is pretty 
forward.  Anybody?