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RE: who fixes EDPs?

On Fri, 3 Aug 2001, Andy Ewen wrote:

> However, having said all of this, I'd recommend it gets checked out by 
> Radke at Gibson in Elgin first as he has one of the 'production testers'
> that I built, (Kim/Matthias design), and this can really help 
> He also has a full set of parts so all of the socket mounted chips can be
> swapped out first to see if they are causing the problem. This is very 
> and requires no soldering; most of these parts are inexpensive and if it 
> one of the socket-mounted devices, it will only take a matter of minutes 
> find it.
> Andy.

That process is a little beyond my skill level and I like my EDP too much
to try it. I did call Shane and he wants to look at it. Shane called me
back within 2 hours and was more than helpful, I feel very confident to
send him the unit. Thanks again for all the advice, at least I have a good
idea of what it's going to take to resolve the issue.

travis salisbury