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RE: who fixes EDPs?

The ADC would probably be my first choice to change and the current part we
are using is a Phillips device ADC0804CN and is U12 on the PCB. It is a
20-pin device on a double-sided board so requires very careful extraction 
the tracks will be damaged beyond repair. I've found the safest way is to
use a pair of very sharp flush-cut wire-cutters to cut all of the legs off
the device as near to the body of the chip as possible. You can then remove
each leg from the board with a soldering iron and a pair of long-nose
pliers. This will still leave the holes in the PCB full of solder, so this
then needs to be removed using a good solder-sucker.
However, having said all of this, I'd recommend it gets checked out by 
Radke at Gibson in Elgin first as he has one of the 'production testers'
that I built, (Kim/Matthias design), and this can really help 
He also has a full set of parts so all of the socket mounted chips can be
swapped out first to see if they are causing the problem. This is very 
and requires no soldering; most of these parts are inexpensive and if it is
one of the socket-mounted devices, it will only take a matter of minutes to
find it.


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> Sounds like a digital problem. My educated guess would be the 
> A/D or the
> D/A converters. As you would assume A/D means analog to digital
> converter and...I'm sure soldering will be required. In you need
> assistance, email me. I will be out on the road for the next 10 days
> though. Hope this helps...
> Be Well
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> spaceloop wrote:
> > 
> > I've been a lurker for awhile now, I've posted a few times, 
> but now I need
> > help...I need help finding a competent EDP repair person. 
> Every loop I
> > make is very noisy, not noisy like it's clipping but noisy 
> like amplified
> > tape hiss but "digital" sounding. I've replaced the memory 
> and I even put
> > the old OS back in to see if it was a problem with the 
> upgrade. Now, I did
> > have somebody do the gain mod as outlined in the FAQ....but 
> the competence
> > of this individual is/was questionable and the shop he 
> worked at is now
> > closed and I can't find him...incidentally , he was an 
> authorized Gibson
> > technician and Gibson did tell me to go to him for Echoplex 
> issues. Could
> > the mod be the problem? The dry signal going thru the unit 
> is fine, it's
> > only the loops that are noisy...wouldn't this indicate a 
> problem with loop
> > audio path?
> > 
> > Any help would be appreciated especially if it helps fix my 
> baby! :-)
> > 
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