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Re: djrnd3 USA availability

Chris Beck wrote :

> >Chris Beck wrote :
> >
> >>  I came accross info for the djrnd3 at loopers delight.
> >>
> >>  Where can I try one in California, USA?  Do you have any dealers 
> >
> >Unfortunately not. Unique prototype is still at home.
> >
> >>  We've been using a roland sp808 but... how can I put this... it
> >>kind of sucks.
> >>
> >>  Looking for alternatives!
> >
> >What kind of sampling features do you really want ? SP808 - DJRND3
> >comparison ?
> >
> >  > - Chris
> >
> >EP
> Here is my dream looping device, in (more or less) order of priority.
> I want to pitch-shift independently of tempo, or
> time-stretch/compress independently of pitch, in real time, synced to
> external MIDI clock.  The Yamaha SU200, cheap as it is, does the
> time-stretchy part remarkably well.  I know of no device which does
> the pitch shifting except for the "slice" function on the Korg
> e-tribe, which sounds crappy.
> Man, it would be great to be able to directly import ACID or REX files.
> I want to be able to trigger one-shot samples as well as loops from
> pads.  I want to be able to use pads as triggers (with easy ability
> to put the loop on infinite release or to just play it like a drum
> machine) or as mute/unmute buttons.
> I want built-in effects that are really simple to use, including a
> slicer and a beat randomizer (rearranging the sample slices randomly
> in real time).  Also of course delay, distortion, compression,
> filters, etc.  Again the SU200 is great for real-time tweaking and
> simplicity, but the Roland has a much better variety of effects
> (despite having what must be history's suckiest low pass filter).
> I want to be able to adjust levels of each individual sample on the fly.
> I want a lot of storage space on a built-in drive of some sort with
> quick loading times.  (Roland sp808 has a 200 mb zip drive, works
> great).  I want decent polyphony and the ability to use very long
> samples.
> What do you think, Emmanuel?  When can I have this dream device?  :)
> - Chris

Turn your PS2 off and go for a grey color MPC2000XL-SE with yellow buttons