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Re: the electrix repeater

My thoughts exactly David! I'm not too excited about being the first 
guinea pig into the gate either...

I can't believe the betrayal some here seem to feel. Marketing has to rely 
on a team's input... so they frequently are quoting exactly what they 
heard. (Then being soundly thrashed for daring to do 

I don't blame Damon and his team one bit for backing out of dialog with 
such hostile reactions taking place.


>>> dmgraph@earthlink.net 08/02/01 08:31AM >>>
My one and only comment on this year-old Repeater handwringing:  When it
finally ships in December, I'll still wait until April to buy one.  I'll 
you guys suffer through the 1.0 stuff and work out the problems for me!

But I do want one!

David Lee Myers