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The Great Electrix Repeater Game

You know what? We should select numbers to see who can pick the date and
year closest to the actual ship date! Why don't one of you enterprising
HTMLers put together a page and let us enter our dates? No prize is
needed... we can just refer to the winner as "Oh Great Wise One!" :-) Then,
after it does ship, and Electrix announces another looping follow-on
product, we can, ahem, *repeat* the game again. What great fun this could
be! ;-)


> My one and only comment on this year-old Repeater handwringing:  When it
> finally ships in December, I'll still wait until April to buy
> one.  I'll let
> you guys suffer through the 1.0 stuff and work out the problems for me!
> But I do want one!
> David Lee Myers