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Re: the electrix repeater

At 9:09 AM -0700 8/1/01, Brett Maraldo wrote:
>hi. i just joined the list. i've been reading archives for a couple years
>now, or more and looping for who knows how long. i started out on a 
>echoplex in 1983. i sold my jamman in march and put a deposit on a 
>because at the time it was going to be released in a week. ya right! its
>now august and still no sign nor word about the release date.
>does anyone out there, ideally who works for electrix, have some idea when
>these will ship??? i'm getting impatient. i've put a number of projects on
>hold pending the integration of a repeater into my work. first, to be
>released in march, then early june, then late, then july, now its august.

Just a thought, but you could get a Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro. Maybe that
will keep you busy while you wait. it has these advantages over new and not
quite released stuff:

- available now.

- in stock. (for the first time in many many years there is no waiting 

- you could have it tomorrow.

- all the software bugs were found and corrected a long time ago.

- every hardware problem that could possibly happen already has and was

- Production quality is very good right now.

- it does a lot of things that the repeater won't do, and nothing else does

- a lot of people use and like it, and that community is available to offer
experience and tips.

- A huge wealth of usage ideas from real loopers are in the archives of the
list and on the site.

- decades of collective looping experience went into it's design.

- currently on the third generation of it's development, with many ideas
and refinements that came from the previous generations.

- LoopIV, the fourth generation, will be here real soon now (tm). available
to all EDP units, with a whole bunch of brand new loop functions that
nobody's ever seen before.

or you could keep waiting and whining. :-)


Kim Flint                     | Looper's Delight
kflint@loopers-delight.com    | http://www.loopers-delight.com