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Re: Back in the saddle, again...


Much thanks Kim, Andy.

I'll get ahold of Shane and get everything fixed right up :>

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> At 11:55 AM -0700 7/31/01, Jonathan El-Bizri wrote:
> >    Unfortunately, my echoplex seems to be broken :< I can't turn the
> >feedback to 100% any more - it's always fading out. It doesn't seem to
> >matter whether I use a pedal, or the front panel (though the pedal is
> >flaky - it could be unrelated). Anyone had this happen to them? It's a
> >of a show stopper, unless I keep 'filling up' the loop every once in a
> >while, which breaks the sonfg structure and confuses band mates. I'd be
> >loath to do it live. Any suggestions?
> hey Jonathan, welcome back!
> there was a batch of echoplexes that went out a year or two ago that had 
> component that was out of spec. The symptom was exactly that, every now
> then you would turn it on and it was like the feedback was stuck at 95%.
> Most times you power up and it is fine. (that's why they slipped out, it
> was hard to detect....)  It is relatively easy to fix, just by getting
> part replaced. If you contact Shane Radtke at Gibson he'll fix you right
> up. <sradtke@gibson.com>, 1-800-544-2766 x206 or (847) 741-7315 x206.
> kim
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