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Re: OT: Personal Audio Space?

was this room eliptical?

this sounds like what happens if you position yourself 
and another person at the two focal points of an eliptical room...
(all first order reflections arrive in phase)

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> this is really ot but here in sf,cali there is that wacky place called 
> exploratorium' where there all these exhibits of weird and wonderful 
> and natural phenomenon and one of them is these two chairs that sit 
> from each other aprox.50ft. or so(maybe not that far!) and you are to 
>sit in
> them and talk to each other in a normal voice and thru all the cacaphony 
> the place which is more like a warehouse and echoey as hell w/ alotta kid
> and people,the person at the other chair can hear you perfectly and you 
> have a conversation as if there was no one else around-how is it done?no
> idea-but there is a kinda acoustic cone that is actually the chair and i
> guess that sends the voices i dont know,kinda sorry i brought it 
>up...but it
> would be great for restaraunts of which you speak!
> stanner 
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