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Re: OT: Electrix at Musician's Friend

i got the same story, and they already charged my cc even tho' nothing
has shipped. i hate to rag on a company, but that's what i call customer

On Tue, 12 Jun 2001 16:16:50 -0700 "Peter Underwood"
<skullyshakespeare@hotmail.com> writes:
> Not to open this can of worms again, but...
> I called them yesterday regarding my order (which still had the due 
> date of 
> 6/10) and I was told that that shipment was late and they couldn't 
> say 
> exactly when they would come in. Sounds like a big lie to me but I 
> thought I 
> would check with you cats to make sure.
> Has anyone who had a backorder notice for the 10th received shipment 
> notices 
> yet, or heard any other news. It could be that she was telling me 
> the 
> truth... could be.
> -s
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