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EMUSIC Top 20 Report for May

WDIY 88.1 FM "EMUSIC" Top 20 report to
New Age Voice and CD Revolutions for May, 2001.
Shows #214 to #218; 26-April-2001 to 24-May-2001
Reported in non-ranked order.
Compiled by Bill Fox, billfox@fast.net

CONTACT:   billfox@fast.net

AirSculpture - Quark Soup - Jodrell Bank - Neu Harmony
Alhedion - Kosmische Spuren Eines Lebens - Invisible Shadows
Arcane - Arcane - Concerts at Jodrel Bank - Neu Harmony
Ian Boddy, Markus Reuter & Nigel Mullaney - Triptych - DiN
J. Arif Verner - Through the Timeless - Spotted Peccary
James Johnson & Stephen Philips - Lost at Dunn's Lake - Zero Music
Jeff Pearce - The Light Beyond - Hypnos
Medwyn Goodall - Essence of Magic - New World Music
Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co. - Like a Duck to Water - 
Paul Nagle -  Paul Nagle - Concerts at Jodrel Bank - Neu Harmony
Pyramid Peak - Fish'n Love - Invisible Shadows
RMI - RMI - Concerts at Jodrell Bank - Neu Harmony
Ron Boots - Close, But Not Touching - Groove
Something Completely Different - Megakatz - Invisible Shadows
Spacecraft - Earthtime Tapestry - Lektronic Soundscapes
Spacecraft - Summer Town - SpaceForMusic.com
Steve Roach & Vir Unis - Blood Machine - GreenHouse
Tranquillity - Core - Invisible Shadows
TUU - One Thousand Years - Waveform
Vir Unis - Live Gathering 23 - SpaceForMusic.com

Bill         billfox@fast.net
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