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Re: advice

on 30/5/01 7:45 AM, whiteoakstudios at whiteoakstudios@supanet.com wrote:

> I'm about to make a recording either of one of my live looping shows or a
> studio based one soon.
> Having made a recording though and converted it to MP3 how do I post it 
> the net? and should I place a real audio version up there too or should 
> be a small section of the piece?
> I'd welcome any suggestions you guys have on this.
> Gareth
There are many different ways of presenting audio files on the net, none of
which is totally satisfactory. The files need to be small enough (in file
size) to be bearably fast. If you have MP3 files the easiest is to include
them in a html page with a QuickTime player, the quality is acceptable
although the files are still rather big.
You will need tools (many available free on the net) to format the files 
it's all fairly easy.
Real audio is more fiddly to format and it only plays back in the ugly Real
player, the size is similar to MP3/QuickTime anyway.
Forget about putting long pieces, stick to selected snippets of one minute
at the most most people would get frustrated by the slow response and give
up or their connection would be likely to drop half-way through.
For my record label's web site (http://www.rustyrobot.com ) I have used
Shockwave/Flash files played in a Shockwave player, custom made. You can
easily export as Shockwave sound files of all kinds (MP3, QuickTime, Aiff,
Wav etc.) from an application like Sound Edit or Peak.
The quality is the same as MP3 but the file size is a fraction and usually
the sound streams nicely.
If you need more detailed info feel free to get in touch.

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