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NYC:Ken'sLastEverRadioExtravaganza Sun 6/3 ABC No-Riot

Sunday June 3rd 5:30pm @ ABC No-Rio 156 Rivington St. NYC
C.O.M.A.'s 3rd Annual Benefit for the Restoration and Acquisition of 156 
Rivington St.

Four floors plus garden and roof of Lower East Side community center will 
be filled beyond sonic capacity with 80+ performers of improvised music

Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza will be exuding loopy audio musings 
emanating from whatever equipment happens to be available that day, 
absence of preparation, completely improvised noises, sentence fragments.

Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza is scheduled to periodically radiate 
from the FOURTH FLOOR BACK ROOM, with such tentative and imaginary times 
---> 5:30-6:30pm | 7:45-8pm | 8:45-9pm | 9:45-11pm

---> to confuse create alert reconstruct combine layer disrupt surprise 
disturb lull serenade repeat expand evoke question amuse inspire provoke 
regress hint join awaken taunt share.

"Sure sounds interesting, but I don't much care to go outside or 
experience the spontaneity and terror that is this live improvised 
performance, and supporting this community center and the person sending 
me this invitation is the last thing I intend to do."
---> The ever increasing mass of streaming and downloadable audio, 
providing a small hint of the past 7+ years of shows, packaged and 
recorded to reduce your fear:

"I'm coming to the event, but I need to buy something, to satisfy my 
unquenchable consumer hunger."
---> There will be CD's.

"Will I enjoy this event?"

"8 free issues."
---> Sun. 6/3 5:30-11pm 156 Rivington St. betw. Suffolk St. & Clinton St.
---> Near F Delancy, J/M/Z Essex
---> $10 to support ABC No-Rio http://abcno-rio.org
---> More sound than you will be able to deal with
---> K.L.E.R.E.: 5:30-6:30pm | 7:45-8pm | 8:45-9pm | 9:45-11pm, 4th floor 
back room

Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza past and future show listings and audio:
---> http://free-music.com/ken/extrav/

Stop, start, continue?
---> kenzo@free-music.com

Which is important:
---> People?
---> Corporations?

Other artists at event listed at <---

Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza