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Re: indian percussion looping and such

>From: "Haresh Bakshi" <hareshbakshi@hotmail.com>

>Hi Richard,  creating consciousness about live looping is a very 
>pragmatic>proposal.  Indian music has/can have much looping, when used 
>judiciously.>Such Indian loops can be eminently suitable for jamming and 
>World >music,>too.
>My problem is: Which software will especially suit looping in Indian 
>music?>[Tanpura, tabla, fast, repetitive Sitar passages etc.]

actually, i'm indian and i did something very simple with some layered 
guitars and a one bar loop with a few tabla/percussion sounds. i'm going 
incorporate more indian percussion in me tracks and this is my "testing 
waters" track. i would like some feedback if you don't mind. 
- track called "the liquid space"

if you can give me examples of stuff that involves looping with this 
percussion sound, do let me know.

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