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RE: More EDP questions for Andy

Title: Re: More EDP questions for Andy
I've come in late to this thread as we had a national holiday yesterday. Kim has pretty much said what I would have done; all electronic stuff has the potential for this type of failure, especially computer-based gear. This latest fault is likely to be connected with the earlier ones and it is very unlikely to be component failure. I look after all of the PCs and Laptops here at Trace and I am often removing memory or peripheral cards, cleaning them and replacing due to intermittent faults. These machines are far more expensive than most bits of musical gear, and they never get moved anywhere!
After two years manufacture, we are very confident of the reliability of the Echoplex and with the improvements in components introduced by us early last year, the EDP is probably the least-likely to fail bit of kit we manufacture.
Our core business is large Bass/Guitar amps which can have up to 10amps across their outputs; the potential for catastrophic failure here, is huge. At least the EDP doesn't explode if you plug the wrong thing into the output :-))) We even had a guy plug his 15" Bass cabinet into a 115V mains power outlet; his exact words were:- 'It was really, really loud, but only for a couple of seconds'
Once you get your EDP checked-out, contacts cleaned, chips re-seated, it'll be good for years,
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Andy --
Thanks so much for all your replies to my EDP questions.  I really
appreciate them -- especially because I really like the EDP and in a short
time it's become an essential part of what I'm doing musically.
I haven't had a chance to have someone come and reseat the chips yet -- I'll
do it when this weekend is over.  Meanwhile, the EDP did one thing it's not
done yet -- I had a loop recorded and the EDP was in mute mode.  After a few
minutes, it went out of mute mode by itself, played the loop for a bit, then
stopped.  when I looked at the front panel, it was back in that "LOOP 3"
eternal cycle display.
Could this be an indication of something else wrong with it than just loose
memory chips?  And should I perhaps send it into Gibson or wherever I send
it for factory repairs? (I'd rather not, since I'm working with it every
My other question is , all this is
making me nervous.  I'm going to be doing quite a bit of performing with it
and was wondering if there is anything I can do to make it more stable --
another way of securing the chips, perhaps?  I'm actually considering
getting a boomerang or line 6 for backup, though I'd rather not.  Any suggestions?
thanks again for your quick replies to my questions --
Best, Steve