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To Everyone at Loopers Delight,

The idea of a Loopers Network is a great idea.    This is what we've been
trying to do, to the best of our ability in
Northern California area, by first creating a series of Regional Looping
Festivals.   I've produced 5 now in Santa Cruz (including the
world's first solo bass looping festival), 2 in Big Sur and instigated and
participated in one in Mountain View (thanks Robert Edgar and Jon

My thinking has been to create some high profile (to the media, at least)
specific looping events to create the conciousness in the musical
community of the emergence and legitmacy of live looping as a viable new
artform.   We are, currently, a fairly long way away from
producing shows that will generate much income for this emergent form.
Indeed, in Santa Cruz, I have convinced local venues
to put shows on for free, just so that we can spread the word and actually
have performances so that our live shows can mature and
evolve (rather difficult in the gentrified dot.com madness of raised rents
and disappearing live music venues here in the bay area(s).

Most people still don't know what looping is, so I think a little bit of
aggressive Looping Evangelism is in order before we can create a
successful Loopers Network.   Even when we can get people to our shows 
gone form 25 people to 200 people at the most) a lot of people frequently
think that I am just triggering prerecorded samples at some of my shows.
Inspired by Jon Wagner at the 1st Mountain View Looping Festival,  I have
started to include a formal looping instructional presentation
in each of my shows (outside of Santa Cruz, where looping is an already
established phenomena) just to help educate people about what is going on.
I thought this kind of 'educational' approach would put audiences off, but 
have found, especially if you can involve them
in the process (try getting them to hiss rhythmically and loop it), that
people actually really dig it.

Santa Cruz should remain on anyone's map from outside of the Northern
California region for looping touring.  The Worlds' First Solo Bass Looping
Festival had it's genesis in Steve Lawson's approaching me for a simple gig
on his tour from England.    I will always do my best to try to put on some
kind of a show for someone travelling through the area (and pair you with a
good S.C. looper to help increase the 'draw' of the show. There are even
looping artists in town (I think, specifically, of Papa Dave, who have
mentioned the possibility of house concerts).  There is going to be very
little money or no money at all in such a venture, so anyone wanting to 
me up on this offer
will need realize this from the get go.  Anyone interested can send me a CD
of their material to start the ball rolling:

412 Darwin Street
Santa Cruz, California

In the meantime,  I think we should all think seriously about gathering
three loopers (including from outlying areas) and putting on our
own Regional Looping Festivals.   Convincing a local progressive coffee 
or bookstore or small club that you could bring in
25-50 patrons on one of thier off nights by throwing a 'FREE TO THE PUBLIC'
looping festival is, generally, speaking , not too difficult.
You then,  have the ability to go sell the idea to the local print and 
media (don't forget appropriate pirate radio stations and internet
radio stations).   I have frequently been able to actually go on the air 
perform a little, as a way of promoting an upcoming show.
All media loves the idea of something new.........and it generally really
piques their interest when they find out the
the musicians are 'tithing' their performances to the community.
The worst thing that can happen is that the world gets closer to knowing
about what we have all discovered, here on Loopers Delight

Please consider me a resource if anyone needs advice or encouragement about
producing their own show.

Yours,   in the love of looping and 'putting it out there',     Rick Walker
(aka, loop.pool)

P.S.   How are plans coming for upcoming Looping Festivals in Wales, London
(Steve Lawson and Stephen Goodman, you only need
one more looper for your first festival ;-),  Dallas , Austin,  Portland 
Seattle (all places that have loopers who have considered such madness.
If these places all happen (and I'm trying my damndest to add San 
Berekely, Marin County, Santa Clara, San Jose, Tehapchipi, Bakersfield and
San Luis Obispo to the list) in the next six months, that would create a 
of attention POR LA CAUSA, TOUT LE MONDE, NICHT WAHR?    And, speaking of
that devil,  welcome German Loopers!!!!  Glad to hear you representing, in
the house!!!
I'd love to hear your music.  An exchange, perhaps?