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Re: attn newcomers (and Kim)

Matthias Grob wrote:

> >
> >But something like an EDP, or even more, an Eventide/Orville/Kyma...
> >you gotta read the manual until it's dog-eared!
> As for the EDP, I do not agree. You can find a lot in the manuals,
> but you can start without them. Just push Record, play, push Record
> again, and its rolling. Overdub overdubs and so on, the basic
> functions explain themselves. Then yes, there is more hidden stuff
> you may or may not need...
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i agree, most definitely- i let a friend play through my edp the other
night- i had to show him the basic footswitch modes, but he was off &
running in no time and came up with some pretty wild and musical
stuff...i think the basics of playing in time with your loops (and with
others), and just being creative make the most difference...of course
someone who has that down AND knows their tools inside & out can really
do some amazing shite- there seem to be lots of those kind of folks on
this list!

lance g.

ps i'm going to the partch shindig tomorrow. wish we had those LD