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a couple of quickie questions...

          Hi everyone, I'm curious, do either the RC-20 or the Headrush 
run in
true stereo?  Are there any pedals at all with a loop sampler or delay with
a hold function, with at least eight seconds of sampling time, which run in
true stereo?  Thanks for any help or ideas anyone might have.  
  I've been using a Jam Man for quite some time now, but have recently
picked up a DL-4 which I like very much.  Unfortunatlly, when I've been
working with it, on the particular system I've been using lately, it's been
difficult to hear whether the looped playback was in stereo or not.  -And
to my dismay, after using it with headphones, I found out that it in fact
wasn't.  anyway, I'm looking for a pedal at the moment rather than another
rack unit as I'm trying to go as portable as possible.  <smile>  It
figures, every other function in the DL-4 is stereo, except the one I'm
really concerned with!  YUCK!  anyway, thanks for taking time to read this,
and again, any suggestions are much appreciated.  thanks alot,  have a
great day!  





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