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Re: turntable instrument?

Here are some thoughts that just came to mind:

No one really cares anymore who is a real muscian or a non-musician or 
entertainer or faker or Real vs. Fraud.

& the fact that we are in this dialog shows that it is a safe bet that it 
originated by folks born before 1970...just 1/2 kidding here...but after 
reading these posts, i'm surprised that some of the so called "old heads" 
on LD are infinitely and eternally "younger" it seems than one might 
imagine than some of their own  contemporaries.

& I do think music is today more marginalized and taken for granted now 
than any other time before in our history ( ironic as the delivery and 
technical capacity for the making and listening to of music is more 
advanced and better than ever, but thats another dialog-debate )

But to me, Music has always been to me a colorful - communicating food 
with flavors, languages, nuances and recipees and concoctions which have 
spanned time(s) as well as preceding our own individual consciousness to 
some degrees ( damn the older i get the hokier-new ageier i sound ), but 
music is and has always been with us as it always there for us to embrace 
in one way/form or another, ya knw?

And this is clearly more of an old skool vs. new skool mentality where its 
more of a reflection of what the death of rock n roll and layers of the 
baby boomer rock n roll mentality means en masse and in niche circles to 
certain and various old skool heads means where for them music it seems 
that in general, music is and always has been expressed as more of a sport 
(once again that is IMHO) where to these guys whther on the Beavis and 
Butthead level or in the intellectual astute realms of Academic and High 
Critical thinking, their ideas of good and "music" or the musician are the 
only valid ideas as they can and will always see things based upon what 
they have seen or have been shown to be true.

& it seems to these eyes and ears certain old skoolers or "old 
mentalities" are using music or the so called "flag" of music as a means 
to voice a need for personal validation that furthermore demands to be 
right and reveal the so called "truth" versus a "Fallacious" and annoying 
insurgency into their world of self/assigned/annointed validity...all that 
based upon their own notion of the artist as an artiste of desirable 
pedigree meaning the so called artiste did in fact write what they know 
and recognize, "produce it" and "perform it" using their own instrumentds 
to really be valid.

but aint it funny how the "new skool" is clearly writing its music and 
producing its own music and performing its own music( though not all of 
them or a lot of them and right now only a handful of them are actually 
taking the lead in doing so, but they are still nonetheless doing it... 
and thats never enough of them IMHO) in a way that is perhaps communicated 
in a language which the old guard/old mentalities perceive as "crude" at 
best, when it is uequivocally musical and full of potential for 
musicianship to be expressed just as what the old skool ( whatever that 
may be ) holds as valid does...

& yeah, folks gotta get out more and not necessarily trade in their model 
T's but make an attempt to understand the new skool without the judgements 
and weight they tend to place on things whenever old skoolers and young 
initiates bring their personal perspective to tht which is outside their 
common or usual experience(S).

I would love to and am personally dyin to work with a DJ(s) who has the 
ability to thow it out mix it up and take the room higher using skills, 
science and moreover using their musicality which they clearly can and do 

anyways, I dont begrudge the DJ's who do just match bpms as I likewise 
dont really see too many so called "real musicians" with much incentive or 
initiative displayed in taking the path that leads to their ultimate - 
maximum musical potential to be actualized.

but there is no "law" or axiom or litmus test you can steadfastly apply to 
an individual(S) to prove or disprove they are muscians...is there? :) 

& also consider Can a person who bakes a microwave dinner each nite for 
their own personal dinner on a daily basis call themselves a "chef" as 
opposed to the person who is trained in the "culinary arts" who makes and 
or even grows their own food from scratch as well as having been 
recognized by a body of their own peers and or various or certain 
"culinary academics", to be credible enough to be certified and assigned 
the staus of chef? & Who really cares ? 

That is unless of course your in the business of letting your 
certifications speak for you...which is not about music but all about you.

But IMHO it all depends on more of your intentions and needs are and how 
you choose to live and listen (eat), cook and then hear (or setup the 
digestion of your food ) or how well you communicate the stuff that is 
compelling you to keep coming back to the process you use or choose to 
communicate and cook thru.

& I do love cooking, but i love to talk and listen and i also like to tell 
stories and i love to listen and hear other peoples stories unfold even 
more than i like telling tales, but i dont need to have stories read to me 
outta a book ( i can get them in many formats ) and i dont necessarilly 
need my stories to have words or even any discernable music that a so 
called musician/turntablist/non-musician plays to hear the music inherent 
in something.

and of course i get "gas", hehehehe! but it all derrives from "food" which 
is still "food" in the end, right?
(good and bad is a different story but food is food)

but consider that it is such a narrow and uncreative thing to do to try & 
narrow the definition of musicality and receiving music(s) into very 
specific and personally discernable parameters, n'est pas and to what 

But again the answers to the above are dependent upon how and what you 
need to be true. 

but if ya dig deeper, music needs a lot less of a consructed "us" to exist 
than it does need our bodies, our ears and hearts, souls to flesh out 
resonance and perhaps emerge a reconstructed "us".

& I may be wrong here but music is a lot more mecurial and more elusive 
and paradoxical than any of us can describe or even attempt to define ( it 
is like trying to definitively define god to go & try to define music..i 
saw that debate here approx 2 years ago :).

but music does need to be listened to and heard by whomever is there to 
bear witness to it more so than it needs to be judged or merited by any of 
us IMHO.

John Price/AKASH
"Remember to always kill youe expectations"