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New + Live Loop Performances


I'm new to the list and would like to introduce myself : 26 years old, been
producing music since I was 16, and currently making the step to

My question to the list is the following :

I have been looking for the ultimate hardware live performance toolkit to
play loop-based music. The only software program that came close to a good
live-performance candidate is the toy called MixMan [and they're 
with their DM2 controller]. However, it's not reliable in terms of 
[and I don't want to carry my PC every time]. So I made a list of what 
be the perfect hardware candidate, and noticed there isn't one.

* Roland SP808 : only 4 tracks [I mean, what can you do with less than 16 
* Yamaha RMX1x : I don't need synths included, and it doesn't seem to be
suited for live performance
* RS7000 : not out yet, and I don't have a good feeling about it

So I finally got my eye on the MPC2000XL. This should be one of the most
interesting machines to beb used live. A pity it only has 32 Mb ram 
However, I don't see a hold button, and I suppose if you mute a track, it
won't mute audio, but instead midi. So not a perfect candidate after all 

My question to the list is : any loopers using hardware units to give a
reliable live show ?

-- Frank