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Re: All you fascinating artists on the list.

realized i dint finish my idea.witch waz;;after she died and i stopped
letting self doubt hold me back i just turned my writing and playing up
to ten and now i am constantly being asked to put guitar parts and
vocals and even bass(not my axe)on peoples albums and making a good
living.Go for it.If you believe.........the rest will believe.It comes
out in the music.Im assuming that you have the necessary
skills.....again,good luck.Do your Will,,,,     Now im really outa
here.gotta practice scales and arpeggios.remember my dream???follow
yours bro.If someone doesnt like what yiou are doing....who gives a
s---.If someone YOU respect doesnt like it, well..............thats
another story.Ry Cooder loved my stuff.That did it for me.Off to another
world now,called hard work and practice......best