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RE: turntable instrument?

the answer is yes. Of course they are very new systems, and I can't tell
you anything about them. There is a guy named DJ A-Trak who has created
such a system (I think he is in the skratch piklz). I guess DJ Radar
also had something to do with it. I found it online for you:


dj radar (who uses an echoplex, btw.) has also scored turntable
compositions for orchestra. I thought this interview was interesting:

(this info brought to you by google and the search string "turntablism


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Just thinking.  Is there music score for turntable?  Self expression
important, but to communicate that on paper, so someone else can play
seems a stretch for a table.  Instruments that I am aware of have music 
writen for them.  Well?????
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