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93dg Re::empirical knowledge vs:the pablum fed by "teachers"

stopped back to check responces....there
 is one soul who has a real problem with AC...either he is really
dense,has been listening to "teachers" who injected their own philosophy
into the subject matter(God knows what,when or where that may have been)
or was rejected from membership in the OTO at one or more times (or the
"teacher" was).That is the most obvious and glaring danger of being
"taught" as opposed to seeking out the truth for ones self!!! I for one
have found some of the most interesting,kind,sharing,compassionate,
and,(important to me)philosophically searching people i have ever met in
my long life in the OTO!!!! i should say here; that i am a traveller and
a seeker who goes out of his way to talk to people from all walks of
life,just to learn all that i can about these travellers and the
universe that we inhabit!!!Sounds like our friend spends too much time
with "teachers" and not enough time seeking truth and knowledge on his
own!!!,otherwise he would know.....
Loop is the Law,loop under will.............

"Do What Thou Wilt,Shall Be the Whole Of the Law"