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OT: dj's go crowley

>> "Do What Thou Wilt,Shall Be the Whole Of the Law"

dgoat@quik.com writes:
>Sage advice. 93 fellow looper!
is there actually some 'advice', in that?
sounds more like a neo-indio/tibetophile credo that hopskipgoosteps its 
past the basis of the tantric preliminaries, eg: ethical codes, ahimsa, 
bodhicitta, et al, ya dig.
(like: 'wow! just by a brief recognition of mind-nature, *i* can be a 
crazy-yogi, too --- and some folks will play right along!')
..... i've heard that even brief glimpses of light/vidya/rigpa could 
the fog of obscurations/avidya/marigpa.

i meandered.....
dt / s-c