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Re: playing w/ dj's

> >i try to be openminded but after practicing for 30 years
>maybe you might eventually feel better if ya tried harder?
>there are some unbelievable turntablists around;
>musicians w/strong (new) skills, massive musical/musicological knowledge 
>thereby, open minds: indeed, more so than many guitarists, imsao.
>dt / s-c
>imsao = 'in my seemingly arrogant opinion'

I much agree, I've met several dj's around the LA area who fall into this 
category. Some of them are very knowledgeable when it comes to drums. Cut 
Chemist and J-Rocc of the Beat Junkies come to mind. The way they match 
beats is totally seamless, like it's the same song. They'll even take 
different tracks that have the same drum sample, say the break from Bob 
James' the 'Nautilus', and totally make it work and make a statement. A 
friend of mine is a well-respected hip hop dj locally, and his knowledge 
jazz fusion is pretty vast, he's got practically the entire CTI catalog on 
vinyl. I've seen him mix together Deodato, Massive Attack into Billy 
Cobham's 'Spectrum', into Silver Apples, into Gangstarr. There are some 
doing some very neato stuff. Who cares if they aren't utilizing theory or 
reading charts.
Then again, there are a lot of dj's who are very egotistical and just play 
the latest URB magazine top 10 and ask for no less than a grand for a 
It's funny, as a guitarist, other musicians I've collaborated with the 
are other guitar players(...except Dan from the Breakestra!!...). The 
majority of the ones I've met are very close-minded.

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