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RE: DJs/Turntablists etc....

Title: RE: DJs/Turntablists etc....

But was that just because, as a style it was underdeveloped - early Rock 'n'
Roll sounds incredibly unsophisticated now - there's a certain naive charm
to Bill Hailey and The Everly Brothers, but it's not the height of
creativity now, even though at the time it was considered rather risque :o)

** ya know steve, i gotta say that the real early rock and roll shit just smokes. unsophisticated? whatever.
btw, the everly vocal harmonies are pretty sophisto in my view - - aparently some guys out of liverpool thought so too.

** overall. i doe a few dj gigs and they can be fun. my main complaint would be the same one i have with any other musician - - sometimes a given person can't adapt quickly enough to an improv setting . . . but this changenight to night with all of us - - no?