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Re: OT: Signal overloading analog gear bad?

First of all- I would like to congratulate Rich and his wife on their 
anniversary- I am sorry I was unable to attend the festivities- more on 
later Rich-

As for my new Mackies- I am still cleaning myself from the first feedback
experience with those things- I cringe at the thought of another- they have
massive bass though, maybe if I feedback with my bass guitar it wont hurt
em- I'll put em awn ELEVEN first, roight! I just have to make sure I water
that tree in my back yard that grows $20s- looking a little limp...


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> >>Hmmmmmm.....?
> >
> >I understand Cliff wants to overdrive the units and asks whether
> >this can DAMAGE.
> >No, no problem, just go ahead!
> >
> go Cliff!  y'know, i understand they used to punch stuff through
> speakers to get some really great distortions...back in the day.
> so i wonder what you could do with those new mackies...
> rich