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OT: "do what thou wilt" (was Re: playing w/ dj's: a playlist is not a song)

At 09:26 AM 5/21/01 EDT, dt wrote:
>ko-jella@webtv.net writes:
>>"Do What Thou Wilt,Shall Be the Whole Of the Law"
>crowley's so-called 'law' (!ha!) does not apply to any except those who 
>accept its consequences.

also, his experience of eastern religious systems provides non-obvious
interpretations of "thou" and "law" and so on.  it can be seen as a
statement of fact, more so than a statement of ethics/amorality.  of
course, ko-jella/b-bender may know all of this.

now, apply this concept to looping, turntables, music, whatever...  some
will choose to define music in certain limiting ways and experience the
consequence of limited avenues of musical exposure and exploration.  others
will choose different definitions, different, perhaps "broader", limits,
with different kinds of resulting limits on their creative output.  it's
all about choosing what limits we want to work within.  the precise
definition of 'music' is a *choice* made by all of us, and we all
experience the consequences of our individual choices.

dan (who's finally given up posting on topic.  anarchy rules!  :-)
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