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Re: playing w/ dj's

ko-jella@webtv.net writes:
>but i still see a basic flaw being that nomatter how many hours a day
>the "turntablist"puts in to practicing his "instrument"ha ha, he/she is
>still working with some one elses musical creation.pushing a jimmy page
>album back and forth on a table ,by no stretch,makes you a guitar player
>or ,i should say ,a musician
sorry; that's just ridiculous.

follows my unwanted suggestions to some folks on this list (who are, most 
likely, guitar players):
get outta the house;
go hear some music that ye haven't heard yet.
buy some new cd's/vinyls, ones that ye normally wouldn't, & listen to 'em.
spend just one occasional day thinking about yer instrument as an unknown 
object, but play with it, anyway.
open it up, thas'all:
just open it up: forget all the pedagogic tripe, including this bullshit 
i'm spewing.

>to compare this to the talent of charlie
>parker.......at least the loopers are getting away from taking other
>peoples music and looping it and instead using generic sounds....
dude / dudesse:
this is really ignorant;
please take a sharp look at yer use of the word 'generic', in regards to 
own 'music creation'.
what's the big difference, when 'emulation' is the basis for 'creation'?

and, after all..... after looking at the references in yer previous 
well, warren haynes ain't no charlie parker, neither.

'sliding yer fingers up & down the strings trying to repeat the previous 
'musical creations' of jimmy page (or whomever) does not make you a guitar 
player, erm, musician'.

dt / s-c