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Re: playing w/ dj's

Tim ;;i think you hit the nail on the head!!! Also you had a situation
that built up for decades where musicians had trouble earning a living
because a bar owner would rather pay a guy to play records than hire
real ,line musicians.I know this last one isnt fair cause the guy
playing albums is not the same guy we are talking about on this
forum....but old prejudices die hard..Also you have the "RAP" contingent
who think they are doing something "new" but those of us who are old
enough to have been around back "when" still remember a group on the
"Performance" soundtrack in 1969 who called themselves the "LAST POETS"
....That was 69!!! Then you had Bob Dylan's  "Johnny's in the basement
mixin up the medicine,I'm on the pavement talkin bout the
government,,man in a trenchcoat,badge ,got layed off ,wants a hundred
dollar bill,says he gets payed off"etc etc ......When was that????1964
,Ide say.......NEW??????